Alina Valentina Oprea 

Civil Engineer, FIDIC Trainer


Alina Valentina Oprea has a background of civil engineering and used to be a design engineer for the Designing Institute for Road, Water and Air Transport (IPTANA), Bucharest, Romania.. She is an accredited FIDIC trainer, in addition to being an adjudicator, claim expert, contract expert, dispute settlement expert and mediator.

She has experience in project management, contract management, procurement procedures - European Commission, international relationships, highway and bridge design.

Mrs. Oprea’s FIDIC training mainly focuses on FIDIC Conditions of Contract, claims and disputes, including practical issues:

  • contract clauses interpretation for consultants, contractors and employers,
  • “way-to-do-it” from the contractual point of view for consultants, contractors and employers
  • claims analysis for consultants, contractors and employers,
  • claims determination/resolution as Engineer,
  • dispute adjudication as Adjudicator,
  • dispute resolution as Dispute Board Member.

Mrs. Alina Oprea is a speaker in different conferences worldwide on international contracts, claims, disputes and dispute boards.

Alina Valentina Oprea can be contacted at and

Trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences, publications

  • practical training courses on "New FIDIC and Contract Conditions" organized by Hyder
  • Consulting Limited and European Construction Ventures Ltd. In 2001 and 2002, in Bucharest, Romania
  • seminar on tendering and contracting under FIDIC Conditions of Contract, in respect of the
  • Commissions Procurement rules (Practical Guide), organized by Delegation of the European Commission in Romania in Romania, December 2002, Bucharest, Romania
  • seminar on tendering; contracting; Practical Guide; FIDIC organized by Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing, Bucharest, December 2002, Romania
  • seminar on the management of claims and Dispute Adjudication Board, organized by the European Construction-Ventures, 16-17 June 2003, Brussels; Belgium
  • The New FIDIC Conditions of Contract Training, held by European Construction Ventures Ltd, - selection and preparation of new Conditions of Contract FIDIC, management of claims and use of the Dispute Adjudication Board under the New FIDIC Conditions of Contract, 24 - 25 September 2003, UK Embassy, Bucharest, Romania
  •  Participating at the translation in Romanian language of the FIDIC conditions of contract, in the frame of the actions organized by Romanian Association of Consultant Engineers, 2006, Bucharest, Romania
  • Courses for formation of a Romanian List of Adjudicators , organized by Romanian Association of Consultant Engineers, 2006-2007, Bucharest; Romania
  • Training under the Romanian International Chamber of Commerce for harmonization of the FIDIC rules and the actual Romanian legislation – May 2006, Romania
  • Course on FIDIC: “The practical management of contract claims and the resolution of disputes under 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract”, European Construction Ventures, Bucharest, Romania, 9-10 October 2006
  • One of the two representatives of Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads in working group within the project of harmonization of the FIDIC conditions of contract with the Romanian Legislation, project implemented by the Ministry of Public Finances in Romania, 2006, Romania
  • Participant at the FIDIC Adjudicator Pupilage Mentoring Scheme of Gwyn Owen, listed on FIDIC President’s list of adjudicators and President Elect of DRBF, 2006-2007
  • Course: Sectoral Operational Programme Transport / Preparation of Projects / FIDIC / Project Management, March 2007, Gura Humorului, Romania
  • Training in claims and disputes, organized by EVC and FIDIC, including “The Responsibilities and Duties of Dispute Adjudication and Dispute Boards (DB) under FIDIC (1999 Edition) and MBD Contracts”, 9 May 2007, Bucharest, Romania
  • Training under DRBF “Chairing and Single Member Dispute Board Workshop”, 10 May 2007, Bucharest, Romania
  • Seminars of 1 day each: about FIDIC Conditions of Contracts: general conditions; extension of time, about dispute adjudication boards – trainer for the employees of Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads, Bucharest, Romania, December 2007; February-March 2008 
  • Training on FIDIC Conditions of Contracts, ARIC (Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers), Bucharest, Romania, 27-28 March 2008
  • Presentation and Communication Skills, Achieve Global, Sinaia, Romania, 4 days, second half of June 2008
  • Trainer for FIDIC conditions of contract – Red, Yellow and Green Books – and for claims and disputes (15 by now, starting with March 2008)
  • Trainer for in house training sessions (about 10, between 2008 and 2010) in FIDIC and dispute board matters for the Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads
  • FIDIC Users Conference, 1 Nov – 2 Dec 2008, London, U.K.
  • Seminar: “Responsibilities and duties of dispute adjudicators and parties to  disputes under FIDIC (1999 Edition)”, ECV+FIDIC+DRBF, 8-9 June 2009, Brussels, Belgium
  • Seminar: “The FIDIC Claims – Making, Defending and Resolving Claims under the FIDIC 1999 Contracts”, Cornerstone, Zagreb, Croatia, 24-25 September 2009
  • FIDIC Users Conference, December 2009, London, U.K.
  • FIDIC Users Conference, February 2010, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Participation at Construction Conflict Conference, May 2010, London
  • The 2nd Regional DRBF Workshop and Conference – Understanding Dispute Boards, Bucharest, 9-11 June 2010, Bucharest, Romania – organizer and chairman of conference and workshop sessions and speaker
  • FIDIC Users Conference, 30 Nov – 2 Dec 2010, London, U.K.
  • FIDIC Contracts – Latest Development - Conference, Cairo, Egypt, 9-10 January 2011
  • The FIDIC MDB Harmonized Major Works (Construction) Contract Conference, 27-28 January 2011, Brussels, Belgium,
  • Construction Contracts Forum, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 19-20 February 2011 – speaker about the conditions of contract
  • Seminar: About FIDIC Conditions of Contracts – trainer for the new employees of Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads, Bucharest, Romania, March 2011 
  • Introduction to International Adjudication – Conference, Kings College, London, UK, 28-29 June 2011
  • Workshop “How to Use Dispute Boards” – trainer and organizer, within the 3rd DRBF Bucharest Regional Conference, Romania, 6 October 2011
  • Participant at the FIDIC trainers assessment workshop, London, 2011, for accreditation as a FIDIC trainer, module I
  • Participant at the FIDIC Users Conference, Doha, Qatar, 22-23 February 2012
  • Participant at the FIDIC Accreditation Assessment, Jordan, November 2012, for accreditation as a FIDIC trainer, module II


        Articles (regarding FIDIC Conditions of Contracts, dispute boards, contract management) published in:

  • “Roads and Bridges” Review, Romania
  • “Dispute Resolution Board Foundation Newsletter”, U.S.A.
  • “Construction Review”, Romania
  • SIDiR Bulletin, Poland